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About Me

Hi! My name is Ryan Walker and I am a

I am an entrepreneur with a legal and engineering education who has a passion for all things mobile and web. I've built, launched and ran 5 software startups, made your Apple Watch 500 milliseconds faster and am married with 3 beautiful children here and 1 in heaven.

  • In the 80s
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Baseball, Technology, Filmmaking, My Kids and My Wife
  • University of Southern California

    UC Hastings College of the Law

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering

    Minor, Business

    Juris Doctorate

  • maddenwalker.com
  • ryan at maddenwalker.com
  • @maddenwalker

My Experience

In my professsional experience I have had the blesssing of doing anything from forming companies & preparing cap tables to investigating bugs contained in low level system calls contained on a device strapped to your wrist to filming and editing a 3 minute YouTube video for my wife's channel. Each experience provided its own challenge, and I loved every minute of it.

Objective-C - 9 years of experience
Swift - 7 years of experience
Design Patterns - 7.5 years of experience
Sketch - 8 years of experience
Architecture - 7 years of experience
Python - 4 years of experience
Instruments - 6.5 years of experience
Xcode - 9 years of experience

My Expertise

These are some of the ways I can help you
  • Strategy

    I can advise you on strategy related to your business, taking a both macro and micro view on the strategy's effect on the overall business.

  • Startup Acceleration

    Sometimes the hardest step in a new venture is the first. I can help you take that step with an active view on how to figure out subsequent steps based on a positive feedback loop.

  • Intellectual Property

    IP is an important aspect of creating a valuable business and I can make sure you are taking the right steps to protect yourself and secure rights to the items you need to care about.

  • Finance

    I can help you streamline your company finances so they are no longer a burden but can actually inform daily business decisions.

  • Operations

    Operations is a necessary part of any company and I can take your operations to a new level of efficiency so you can focus on what matters to your brand.

  • Automation

    Work smarter, not harder. Take the mundane and remove the rote repetition from your life. I can help identify and implement these areas in your personal or business life.

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